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Feb 22, 2019

Dr. Frank Lipman sits down with Gregg Renfrew, the founder of Beautycounter, a company that creates safe and clean cosmetics. She talks with Dr. Lipman about the community she's building and how she’s driving a national movement for improved transparency in the beauty industry. She explains the origin story of Beautycounter and encourages everyone who might be skeptical about natural skincare products to stop assuming they don't work and give them another try.

Renfrew launched Beautycounter in 2011 after becoming passionate about environmental health and making changes in her own life to reduce her exposure to chemicals and toxins. She set out to find safer alternatives to chemical-laden cosmetics, but came up short. So she started her own company because she thought the world needed a movement for better beauty, and she wanted to show that you can create high-performing products without chemicals of concern.

Renfrew discusses her “never list,” which is a list of about 1,500 harmful ingredients (available for download!) that her company will never use in its products. She also addresses the common concern that cleaner products aren't as effective and provides tips on where to start if you’re just beginning to detox your personal care routine.